“Pit stop” at the Audi museum mobile

Audi R8 Gulf RacingThe Audi museum mobile invites visitors from September 23, 2015 to February 28, 2016 to make a pit stop – and at the new special exhibit, one that is likely to last longer than during the typical car race. In “Pit stop – the art of motorsport,” artist Stephan Quenkert from Landshut presents his perspective onmotor racing. Awaiting visitors are 22 concrete art objects and five automobiles from Audi Motorsport.

Dynamics, teamwork, precision and the latest technology: Stephan Quenkert transfers all of these typical values from motorsport into his work. The Landshut artist creates objects that relate to existing pictures. In doing so, he reduces the forms and content, and concentrates the colors. For Quenkert, a car is not a car. It is at most a surface; sometimes it is just a line, or disappears altogether. These abstractions leave the viewer with the greatest possible scope for interpretation. This method has been used to create a series of three-dimensional wall sculptures based on photographs from Audi motor racing. Quenkert said of his work: “The abstraction of function and content is intentional. This creates mirror images that recall the photographs placed next to them, but by removing the original photo, no longer allow any references and that appear to link to ‘concrete art’ or to a ‘concrete art’ in the future.”

In addition to works by Stephan Quenkert, original race cars are also part of the exhibit. These inspired the artist and are reflected in his pictures: As a result, motorsport fans can look forward to seeing an Auto Union Type D racing car (1939), the Le Mans Audi R8 (2001) and Audi R18 e-tron quattro (2012) racing cars, as well as an Audi A4 DTM (2011) and an Audi R8 LMS (2009).

Source. Audi

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