Countdown to Kop: Kop Hill Climb 19th and 20th September

kop hill climb preWith only days to go until the much-awaited event, Kop Hill Climb has announced a remarkable collection of rarely seen racing cars are to appear at this year’s event in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire.

The revival of the original hill climb of the early 1900’s will play host to six superb racing cars:

The 1911 Ford Model T “Golden Ford”, the 1922 Leyland-Thomas No.1 recreation, the 1922 Sunbeam VII Grand Prix, the 1927 Napier-Campbell Blue Bird replica, the 1933 Napier-Railton Track Racer and the 1936 Cummins-Railton replica.

The “Golden Ford”, believed to be the only brass-bodied car in the world, raced from 1911 to 1914, winning at Brooklands in 1912.

The Leyland-Thomas is a recreation of the car that J.G. Parry Thomas raced at Kop Hill Climb in 1924.

The Sunbeam VII Grand Prix is a rare survivor of the legendary Works Sunbeams, with an illustrious racing pedigree.

The Napier-Campbell Blue Bird replica from Lorne Jacobs recreates the legendary Malcolm Campbell land speed record car with a Napier Lion W12 aero engine.

The iconic Napier-Railton, courtesy of Brooklands, is holder of many Brooklands and world land speed records with driver John Cobb and co-drivers.

The Cummins-Railton is a tribute to the original Napier-Railton, a mammoth project undertaken by Terry Clarke, involving thousands of hours of construction and restoration. This is the car’s first outing, and Kop Hill fans are sure to be impressed by its performance.

Kop Hill Climb provides a moving spectacle of an exceptionally wide range of cars and motorcycles. This is not a museum with silent vehicles parked in static rows. You are invited to come and see, hear and smell them in action. You can talk to the owners and look under the bonnet.
Come and see motorcycles and cars from the earliest days to some exotics of the present. Through this you can track the progress of automotive technology that has been achieved over the last 110 years.

Kop Hill Climb is playing host to a celebration of the ‘60s on both the Saturday and Sunday.  Mods and rockers meet Aston’s DB6.  It’s now 51 years since mods and rockers hit mainstream news, and 50 years since the iconic Aston Martin DB6 was launched. To celebrate this era the event is featuring the DB6 in static displays and in a cavalcade hill run. For the two-wheeled enthusiasts, a collection of ‘60s scooters and motorbikes will meet up in the paddock, on friendly terms this time, and run up the famous hill, escorted by a pair of ‘60s Jaguar police cars.

Kop Hill is one of the oldest Hill Climb venues in England. The first recorded races were in 1910. It became a major event on the motorsports car and motorcycle calendar and many famous drivers and riders of the time, including Malcolm Campbell, Raymond Mays, Henry Segrave and Count Zborowski raced up the hill. The last event was in 1925, when as a result of an accident to a spectator, the RAC banned all motorsport on public roads.  Today Kop Hill is a public road, and is closed to traffic during the event.

The objective of the Kop Hill Climb revival is to raise money for local charities.  All the organising team and helpers are volunteers, and the event is managed as a part of the Heart of Bucks Community Foundation.  Over £240,000 has been raised since the revival started in 2009.

Source. Newspress/Kop Hill Climb

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1 Response to Countdown to Kop: Kop Hill Climb 19th and 20th September

  1. nexi says:

    Saturday was stunning – could out do last year. Fine weather, and great photo opportunity.


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